New Aeolos Hotel - Mykonos Town (Chora) Hotels
Since 1994 the New Aeolos Hotel is offering its guests with notable hospitality services. Placed in the 'heart' of Mykonos, at Mykonos Town (or Chora as locals called it), our hotel is a flawless accommodation selection to experience the island’s renowned vibrant lifestyle.

Sumptuous facilities such as the large pool, the Wi-Fi Internet access (throughout the hotel) and the pool restaurant are some of the benefits you will receive by staying at New Aeolos Hotel. Extensive front desk services are also provided to help you discovering the 'hidden' spots of Mykonos besides the most popular ones.

Staying at New Aeolos Hotel you expect no less than intimate accommodations. Our rooms are clean and supplied with commodious amenities so that your in-room time is very comfortable.

Staying at New Aeolos Hotel, there can never be a boring story. Sweeping views of the endless azure Aegean Sea can be enjoyed either from your room's balcony or by the pool. These views can be the highlight of your stay! New Aeolos Hotel could be a peerless hotel experience during your stay in one of world's most reputable destinations, Mykonos.